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CodeAndWeb / Andreas Loew is the author of two fabulous tools - TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor. Since I used these two tools during developing my cocos2d game for iOS in the past 5 months, I have saved a lot of time and energy dealing with sprite sheets and physics world. I can't imagine that what if without the tools, how can I arrange / package / compress numourous image resources effectively? How can I design a complicated box2d physics object only with code?

This is a late thanks post to CodeAndWeb, but I really mean it because I had true experience with the tools, this is not a fake praise without experience. Thanks again to Andreas Loew in Germany for sending me the free blogger license. Mr. Loew even asked me if I need assistance after sending me the license, he is such a warm-heated man, this is impressive. I'm a Chinese developer so I will continue spread the product to developers in China, next is the Chinese version of this article.


CodeAndWeb / Andreas Loew 是两款神奇工具的作者:TexturePackerPhysicsEditor。在过去5个月当中,我使用这两个工具来开发我的cocos2d iOS游戏,它们节省了我大量的时间和精力,帮我处理好sprite sheets和物理世界的问题。我无法想象假如没有这些工具,我如何才能高效地排列、打包、压缩好大量的图片资源?我如何仅仅通过写代码来实现一个复杂的box2d物理刚体?

这是一个献给CodeAndWeb迟到的感谢帖,但是我是实话实说,因为我有实际的使用经验,这不是在没有用过的情况下虚假的赞美。再次感谢身在德国的Andreas Loew送给我免费的博主许可证。Loew先生甚至在送我许可证之后还主动问我运行是否顺畅,是否需要帮助,他是一个热心的作者,这样的行为令我印象深刻。

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